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Why you should use a real estate agent to find a rental property

The process of finding a rental can be a challenge. Discover the benefits of using a real estate agent to find your next apartment, or rental property.

Navigating the process of finding a rental can be a challenge, especially in a hot market! A real estate agent can assist you in finding the perfect apartment, condo, or rental property.

Real estate agents have access to many rental properties

If you are looking for a rental property, in this day in age chances are you are going to start online. This is a great place to start, however, many of these listings posted to third party sites can be limited or non-existent with details such as restrictions and requirements regarding things like pets, etc. This can also be extremely overwhelming or even confusing, especially if you are relocating.

Realtors have access to rental listings available in the Multiple Listing Service or MLS and they many connections and often information regarding off market rentals. 

Realtors are knowledgeable about the area

The more knowledge the better! A good local real estate agent will have insights to the neighborhood and be able to assist your needs. Perhaps you have children so a good school system is important, or you need to be close to the office, an agent can help ensure your needs and wants are met.

Realtors help save time

This is a really hot market and listings are going quick, so you need to act fast. It can be a full-time job contacting property managers and listing agents, and keeping track of everything. That is if you can even get ahold of them, which in some situations can be difficult.

A real estate agent adds more credibility to search as it shows you are taking it serious, and they will handle schedule showings, making phone calls, and make this process as easy as possible for you. 

Realtors may help negotiate your rent

Agents typically have more experience negotiating than you. If there is any wiggle room they will be able to help.

Realtors make the lease signing process easier

A lease agreement can be confusing and overwhelming, especially if this is your first time renting. An agent can help you understand the details and protect you from signing a bad agreement.

In short, these are the top reasons you should use a real estate agent to help you find your next rental property.

  • Unrestricted access to the MLS rentals through your agent’s brokerage firm
  • Your agent schedules showings on your behalf
  • Your real estate agent is the middleman between you and the landlord
  • Your agent will explain the clauses in your lease or rental agreement and make sure you understand what you sign